KanView Search - Vendor Payments 

The KanView search feature may be performed on revenues, expenditures, or vendor payments. Search options include: Account Code, Agency, Function, and Fund. Vendor payments may be searched by Vendor, Account, or Fund keyword(s).

Vendor payments are payments made to vendors that provide goods or services or have other business transactions with the agencies of the State of Kansas. Any information that is a closed record pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Actor other applicable state or federal law or regulation will not be included in the data. There are two types of exclusions within the Vendor Payment data: (1) statewide exclusions impacting the data of all state agencies, (2) exclusions impacting a specific agency. For detailed exclusions please see the Excluded Information Disclaimer.

Vendor payments may also be downloaded from the Data Download Center. Download results include the following key data elements:

  • Fiscal Year
  • Agency (Business Unit)
  • Account Description
  • Vendor Name
  • Document Number
  • Payment Date
  • Amount

* Fiscal years are from July 1st through June 30th. KanView data is reported on an accounting basis rather than a budgetary basis as explained in Variance to the State Budget. The totals from the state’s accounting system include transactions such as “non-expense items” that are not recorded as part of the state’s budget.

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