KanView Search – Employee Compensation by Job Title

Employee Compensation is displayed on the basis of Total Gross Pay. Search drill down options are by Agency or by Job Title. Employee compensation is subject to certain confidentiality requirements. Funding Sources for employee compensation include state, federal, and private dollars. Note that state employees are paid bi-weekly, normally receiving 26 paychecks in a fiscal year.

KanView Employee Compensation data includes the names of all state employees with the exception of certain positions required to be confidential under Kansas Open Records Act or other state and federal laws. For detailed exclusions please see the Excluded Information Disclaimer.

Revenues, Expenditures, Vendor Payments, and Employee Compensation data may be downloaded from the Kanview Data Download Center.

* Fiscal years are from July 1st through June 30th. KanView data is reported on an accounting basis rather than a budgetary basis as explained in Variance to the State Budget. The totals from the state’s accounting system include transactions such as “non-expense items” that are not recorded as part of the state’s budget.

2019 Pay Rates: Job Titles

Job Title
911 Liaison
AASHTOWare Proj Admin (PSEIII)
Abandoned Well Coord/ECRS
Abercrombie Dinstinguished Executive in Residence
Academic Accommodations Advs
Academic Advising & Career Exploration Assistant D
Academic Advising & Career Exploration Director
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor and Clinical Educator
Academic Advisor and Student Services Specialist
Academic Advisor Senior
Academic Advisor/Study Skills Coordinator
Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator
Academic Coor, Dir of MCJI
Academic Coordinator
Academic Instructor
Academic Instructor - Summer
Academic Program Spec
Academic Program Specialist
Academic Program Specialist - USS
Academic Recruitment Ast
Academic Services Administrator
Academic Services Coord
Academic Tech Sup Spc Senior
Academic Testing Ctr Coord
Access Control Clerk
Access Control Officer
Access Services Manager
Accessibility Services Advisor
Accessible Document Specialist
Accommodation Specialist
Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk III
Accountant II
Accountant 1
Accountant Analyst
Accountant Distribution Coord
Accountant I
Accountant I-CIB
Accountant II
Accountant II - Lead
Accountant III
Accountant III - Payroll
Accountant IV
Accountant Senior
Accountant Specialist
Accountant V
Accountant/Buyer Manager
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Specialist - USS
Accounting Specialist-CIB
Accounting Supervisor
Accounting Technician
Accounts Manager
Accounts Payable and Imaging Specialist
Accounts Payable and Tax Manager
Accounts Payable Audit and Compliance Analyst
Accounts Payable Audit and Compliance Analyst I
Accounts Payable Rep
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Accounts Receivable Manager
Accounts Receivable Project Manager
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Accreditation Coordinator
Acctg Business Off Specialist
Accts Payable Supervisor
Acquisitions Editor
ACT Prep Presenter
Acting Appntive St Agency Head
Acting Appntv St Agency Head
Acting Cabinet Secretary
Acting Chief Info Technlg Off
Acting Dir of Public Affairs
Acting Director
Acting Director Leg. Research
Acting Director Rehab Services
Acting Executive Director
Acting General Counsel
Acting Lottery Executive Dir
Acting Secretary of W&P
Acting Visiting Asst Professor
Active EE Benefits Cnslt
Activity Coordinator
Activity Leader
Activity Specialist
Activity Specialist 1
Activity Specialist I
Activity Specialist II
Activity Therapist
Activity Therapist I
Activity Therapist II
Activity Therapist Supervisor
Activity Therapy Technician
ADAP Coordinator
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Instructor
Admin & Business Ops Mgr
Admin Appellate Court Clerk
Admin Assistant Front Desk Coordinator
Admin Assistant To The Speaker
Admin Asst/Non-Fair
Admin Caller
Admin Dir, Vet Health Ctr
Admin Director of Nursing
Admin Interviewer
Admin Officer (PSA III)
Admin Personnel Technician
Admin Statistical Technician
Admin Support Specialist II
Administraive Specialist
Administrative Accounting Specialist
Administrative Aide
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant - Unc
Administrative Assistant - USS
Administrative Assistant Senior
Administrative Associate
Administrative Associate Sr
Administrative Clerk
Administrative Consult
Administrative Director
Administrative Hearing Officer
Administrative Law Judge
Administrative Legal Secretary
Administrative Manager
Administrative Officer
Administrative Professional
Administrative Professional Sr
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Specialist - PS
Administrative Specialist - USS
Administrative Specialist for Scholarships
Administrative Specialist Sr
Administrative Specialist VR
Administrative Specialist/Data Base Mngr
Administrative Support - Shocker Hall Reception
Administrative Technician
Administrative Technician II
Admissions Coordinator
Admissions Evaluator
Admissions Officer and Training Specialist
Admissions Recruiter/Advisor
Admissions Representative
Adoption Program Manager
Adoption Specialist
ADRC/ACM Program Manager
Adult Consumer Affairs Coord
Adult Protection Specialist
Adult Protection Specialist *
Adult Protection Specialist*
Adult Protection Supervisor
Adult Protection Suprv
Adult Protective Investigator
Adv Epi/KS BRFSS Coord
Adv Practice Registered Nurse
Advanced Epidemiologist
Advanced Flight Instructor
Advanced Instructor
Advanced Practice Regstr Nurse
Advanced Registered Nurse Prac
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner - Regular
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner - Temporary
Advertising Manager
Advertising/Mktg Account Coord
AEGD Faculty
Aerospace Engineering Lab Manager
AFIX Coord/Immun Nurse Edu
AFRPS Coordinator
Agency Payroll Manager
Agency Receptionist
Agent Supervisor
Aging Services Director
Agribusiness Development Coord
Agribusiness Development Dir
Agribusiness Division Director
Agricultural Inspector
Agricultural Inspector II
Agricultural Specialist
Agricultural Specialist - USS
Agricultural Tech Supervisor
Agricultural Technician I
Agricultural Technician II
Agriculture Inspector
Aircraft Maintenance Mgr
Aircraft Mechanic
Alumni Program Director
Alumni Program Specialist - USS
Amusement Ride Auditor
Amusement Ride Coordinator
Animal Facilities Inspector
Animal Facility Manager
Animal Facility Supervisor
Animal Health Manager
Animal Health Planner
Animal Medical Coder
Animal Medical Rcds Spec
Animal Medical Technologist
Animal Science Worker
Animal Technician I
Animal Technician II
Animal Technician Supervisor
Announcer/Producer - KMUW
ANS Coordinator
Anti-Human Trafficking Prog Mg
Antiterrorism Mgr
App Programmer/Analyst III
App. Dev
App. Developer (Team Lead)
App. Developer - Team Lead
Appeals Referee
Appellate Court Clerk I
Appellate Court Clerk II
Appellate Court Clerk III
Appellate Reporter II
Appellate Reporter Technician
Application Developer
Application Developer-Database
Application Developmnt Manager
Application Systems Coordinator
Applications Dev-Ruby on Rails
Applications Dev-UI/UX Design
Applications Develop Supv III
Applications Developer
Applications Developer I
Applications Developer II
Applications Developer III
Applications Development Prog
Applications Development Super
Applications Development Supv
Applications Development Supvr
Applications Prog/Analyst II
Applications Prog/Analyst III
Applications Prog/Web Develpr
Applications Programmer/Anal
Applications Support Technicn
Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer Senior
Applications Training Specialist
Applications/Program Manager
Appointive State Agency Head
Appointment Manager
Appointment Specialist
Appointments Coordinator
Appraisal Data Coordinator
Appraisal Project Manager
Appt/Elect Bd/Comm Bd Member
APS Assistant Program Manager
APS HSA Support
Archeologist II
Archeologist III
Architect III
Archivist Associate
Area Biologist
Area Engineer (PCE II)
Area Supervisor
Art Collection Manager
Art Collection Registrar
Art Director
Art Exhibition Designer
Art Gallery Guard
Art Registrar
Art Studio Manager
Art/Design Lab Coordinator
Art/Design Lab Specialist
Arthritis Program Manager
Articulation Coordinator and Recruiter
Asc V Pres/Pro Acd Stu Sv
Asessment & Accredidation Assistant Program Direct
Assc Prof of Pract/Acad PrgAsc
Assc Professor of the Practice
Assc V Pres, Human Cap
Assessment & Outcomes Data Spc
Asset Forfeiture Coordinator
Asset Mgmt Supervisor (PSA I)
Asset Specialist
Assigned Justice/Judge
Assignment Coordinator
Assist Animal Health Commissio
Assist Bureau Chief (PCE III)
Assist Chief Flight Instructor
Assist Clincial Prof - District Leadership Prog
Assist Dean GRAD Enroll Mgmt/Dir Grad Admissions
Assist Educator & Prog Director of Game Design
Assist Prof of Saxophone/ Dir of Jazz Ensembles
Assist Prof of Strategic Mgmt/International Bus
Assist Professor (Sub-Discipline: Socio-Cultural)
Assist Professor/Assoc Dir & Dir of Bands
Assistant Administrator
Assistant Agronomist
Assistant Athletic Director
Assistant Attorney General
Assistant Basketball Coach - Women's
Assistant Bureau Chief
Assistant Chief
Assistant Chief of Training
Assistant Circulation Supervisor
Assistant Clinical Prof/Clinical Director
Assistant Clinical Professor
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Men's Golf
Assistant Coach of Softball
Assistant Coach Part Time
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Comptroller
Assistant Controller
Assistant Curator
Assistant Custodial Supervisor
Assistant Dean
Assistant Dean for Barton School Budgets
Assistant Dean of Students
Assistant Dean, Student Life
Assistant Dean, Student Life
Assistant Dean/Assoc Prof
Assistant Dean/Professor
Assistant Debate Coach
Assistant Dir Contract Mgmt
Assistant Dir Major Div/School
Assistant Dir of ReEntry
Assistant Dir, CPS, Prevention & Outreach Dir
Assistant Dir, Processing & Internal Operations
Assistant Director
Assistant Director and Senior Analyst
Assistant Director Assessment, Events and Outreach
Assistant Director CPS, Training Director
Assistant Director for Academic Success Programs
Assistant Director for Scholarships
Assistant Director Graduate Studies in Business
Assistant Director of Admissions
Assistant Director of Communications
Assistant Director of Early College Programs
Assistant Director of EES
Assistant Director of Facilities
Assistant Director of Facilities Planning
Assistant Director of Facilties
Assistant Director of First Year Programs
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
Assistant Director of LAS Advising Center
Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Program Database Management
Assistant Director of Purchasing
Assistant Director of Research
Assistant Director of Service Programs
Assistant Director of Student Involvement
Assistant Director of Transition, Inclusion and D
Assistant Director Student Services/Outreach
Assistant Director Ticket Operations
Assistant Director WSU South & WSU Haysville
Assistant Director, Center for Entrepreneurship
Assistant Director, HR
Assistant Director, Online Enrollment Management
Assistant Director, Scholarships & Outreach
Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Assistant Director-Upward Bound Foster Care Empowe
Assistant Director/Writing Program and Instructor
Assistant Educator
Assistant Educator & MCLL UG Coordinator
Assistant Educator & Program Director - Animation
Assistant Educator - ACNP Program
Assistant Educator of Art Education
Assistant Educator, Health Services
Assistant Financial Officer
Assistant Forester
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant HR Director
Assistant Inspector General
Assistant Internal Auditor
Assistant Investment Officer
Assistant Librarian
Assistant Manager
Assistant Mentoring Director
Assistant Network Administrator
Assistant News Director
Assistant Nurse Manager
Assistant Nursing Supervisor
Assistant Prof of School Psychology
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor & Digital Resources Librarian
Assistant Professor (Aerospace Engineering)
Assistant Professor (Hydrogeology)
Assistant Professor (of Art History:New Media&Tech
Assistant Professor (of Photo Media)
Assistant Professor (of Spanish)
Assistant Professor - Sport Management
Assistant Professor in Economics
Assistant Professor in Special Education
Assistant Professor Mechatronics and Dynamics
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Assistant Professor of Dance
Assistant Professor of Educational Psycholgy
Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Assistant Professor of English
Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics
Assistant Professor of Flute
Assistant Professor of Horn
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Assistant Professor of Online Instruction
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Assistant Professor of Voice
Assistant Professor of Voice (Tenor or Soprano)
Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Cyber Security
Assistant Professor, Energy Systems
Assistant Professor, Materials and Manufacturing
Assistant Professor, Networking
Assistant Professor, Software Engineering
Assistant Program Director Alumni
Assistant Program Director, TRIO
Assistant Program Manager
Assistant Provost
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Research Professor
Assistant Researcher
Assistant Researcher in CEDBR
Assistant Researcher Senior
Assistant Revisor III
Assistant Risk Manager
Assistant Scientist
Assistant Sergeant At Arms
Assistant Skilled Trades Suprv
Assistant Solicitor General
Assistant Specialist
Assistant State Park Manager
Assistant Teaching Professor
Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Law
Assistant Teaching Professor of Print Media
Assistant to Department Chair
Assistant to Provost and Sr Vice President/Prof
Assistant to the Dean
Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries
Assistant to the Department Chairperson
Assistant to the Dir (PSE II)
Assistant to the Director
Assistant to the Director of Radio/GM, KMUW
Assistant To The President
Assistant to VP for Student Affairs
Assistant Traffic Safety Mgr
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assistant Vice Provost
Assistant Vice-Chancellor
Assistant VP for Global Partnerships
Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness and Q
Assistant VP of Information Technology and CIO
Assistant VP, Student Affairs and Compliance
Assistant VP, Student Affairs Student Engagement
Assistant VP, Student Affairs, Wellness
Assistant Water Commissioner
Assistant/Associate Director and Academic Advisor
Assistive Tech Specialist
Assistive Technology Specialis
Asso Clinic Dir & Risk Mgr
Assoc Dean & Chair, School of Nursing, Assoc Prof
Assoc Dean for Acad Op & Undergrad Prog & Prof
Assoc Dean for Technical Services; Assoc Professor
Assoc Dean UG St/Fin/Admin/Professor
Assoc Dean/Acad Engag & Public Serv/Assist Prof
Assoc Dean/Assoc Librarian
Assoc Dean/Assoc Professor
Assoc Dean/Clinical Assoc Prof
Assoc Dean/Grad Studies in Business & Professor
Assoc Dean/Grad Studies/Research/Fac Success/Prof
Assoc Dir for International Student Recruitment
Assoc Dir for Study Abroad & Exchange Programs
Assoc Dir I, Acad Studt Serv
Assoc Dir I, Agri & Extension
Assoc Dir I, Phy Infrastrcture
Assoc Dir II Phy Infrastrcture
Assoc Dir II, Acad Studt Serv
Assoc Dir II, Acad Studt Serv
Assoc Dir III, Info Technology
Assoc Dir III, Agric & Ext
Assoc Dir III, Info Technology
Assoc Dir IV, Prog & Project
Assoc Dir Major Div/School
Assoc Dir, Grants & Contracts
Assoc Dir, Mental & Phy Hlth
Assoc Dir, University Police
Assoc Dir, Academic Affairs
Assoc Dir, Application Develop
Assoc Dir, Bus & Fin Services
Assoc Dir, DRP IPEDS St Coord
Assoc Dir, Mental & Phy Hlth
Assoc Dir/Assoc Professor
Assoc Dir/Student Conduct & Community Standards
Assoc Direc, Career Tech Educa
Assoc Director for Reporting
Assoc Director I, Hospitality
Assoc Director I, Info Tech
Assoc Director I, Hospitality
Assoc Director I, Info Tech
Assoc Director II, Hospitality
Assoc Director II, Info Tech
Assoc Director II, Research
Assoc Director III, Research
Assoc Director of Accounting
Assoc Director of Athletics
Assoc Educator Music Education & Placement Coord
Assoc Gen Counsel Public Hlth
Assoc Prof & Director of Basic Oral Comm Program
Assoc Prof & Music and Fine Arts Librarian
Assoc Prof and Director/Koch Global Trading Center
Assoc Prof/AssocScint/Director
Assoc Prof/Barton Fellow/Dir of Fac Advancement
Assoc Prof/Catalog & Institutional Repository Libr
Assoc Prof/Dir Foreign Language Teacher Education
Assoc Prof/Metadata/Digital Initiatives Librarian
Assoc Prof;Dir Sch Pefor Arts;Prog Dir Mus Theatre
Assoc Professor -Assoc Curator
Assoc Professor-Assoc Sci
Assoc Professor/Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
Assoc V Pres, Grants/Contract
Assoc V Pres, Phy Infrastructr
Assoc Vice Chancellr-Professor
Assoc Vice President, Research
Assoc VP for Special Programs/Instructor
Assoc VP Strategic Comm & Chief Mrktg Officer
Assoc/Asst Public Affairs Dir
AssocDir/Prof of the Practice
Associate Professor
Associate Agronomist
Associate Athletic Director
Associate Athletic Director of Tickets
Associate Athletic Trainer
Associate Auditor
Associate Clincal Professor
Associate Clinical Prof/Field Practicum Director
Associate Clinical Professor
Associate Comptroller
Associate Controller
Associate Curator
Associate Dean
Associate Dean and Assistant Professor
Associate Dean and Professor
Associate Dean, Global Campus
Associate Dean/Associate Prof
Associate Dean/Clinical Profsr
Associate Dean/Librarian
Associate Dean/Professor
Associate Dean/University Prof
Associate Dir Financial Aid, Systems & Eligibility
Associate Dir Major Div/School
Associate Director
Associate Director - Sponsored Research Accounting
Associate Director and Research Scientist
Associate Director CPS, Clinical Director
Associate Director for AA
Associate Director for Residence Life
Associate Director I, Research
Associate Director of Adminssions
Associate Director of Admissions
Associate Director of Business Operations
Associate Director of International Admissions
Associate Director, Adult Educ
Associate Director, Upward Bound Wichita Prep
Associate Director/Instructor
Associate Director/Registered Nurse
Associate Director/SEVIS Coordinator
Associate Director/Statistician
Associate Educator
Associate Educator for Nursing Online Education
Associate Educator of Physics
Associate Engineer
Associate Forester
Associate General Counsel
Associate Head Coach - Women's Basketball
Associate Librarian
Associate Prof & College Algebra Prog Director
Associate Prof & Coord of the Accelerated BSN Prog
Associate Prof & Director of Assurance of Learning
Associate Prof-Chairperson
Associate Professor
Associate Professor & Barton School Dean's Fellow
Associate Professor & Creative Writing Director
Associate Professor & Field Station Director
Associate Professor & Grad Coordinator
Associate Professor & Graduate Studies Coordinator
Associate Professor & H Dene Heskett Chair in Fin
Associate Professor & Sunflower Advisor
Associate Professor (Entomology Faculty)
Associate Professor and Barton Fellow
Associate Professor and Director of Physics
Associate Professor and GRAD Coordinator
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Associate Professor and Technical Director
Associate Professor of Art Education
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor/Director of Writing Program
Associate Professor/Executive Director
Associate Professor/Scenic Lighting Designer
Associate Provost
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Associate Provost/Professor
Associate Registrar
Associate Research Professor
Associate Researcher
Associate Researcher Senior
Associate Scientist
Associate Scientist/Director
Associate Specialist
Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach
Associate Teaching Professor
Associate Teaching Professor & Director of theatre
Associate Teaching Professor/Director of Online Ed
Associate Vice Chancellor
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice President and Associate Professor
Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiative
Associate Vice Provost
Associate VP for Strategic Enrollment Management
Associate VP and University Controller
Associate VP, Student Affairs and Enrollment Mana
Associate VP, Student Affairs & Dean of Students
AssociateVP for IndustryEngagement&AppliedLearning
Asst Attorney General/Director
Asst Bureau Chief (PCE II)
Asst Bureau Chief (PSE III)
Asst Bureau Chief-PM(PCE II)
Asst Chief of Telecom
Asst Coach-Track and Field
Asst Dean & Accreditations Officer & Assoc Prof
Asst Dean Interprof Ed & Collab Practice
Asst Dean, Admin & Finance
Asst Dean, Studt Ser & Recruit
Asst Dean, Div, Recruit, & Ret
Asst Dean, Studt Ser & Recruit
Asst Dean/Associate Professor
Asst Dean/Asst Professor
Asst Dean/Dir/Prof of Practice
Asst Dir I, Information Tech
Asst Dir I, Acad Student Serv
Asst Dir I, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir I, Mental & Phy Hlth
Asst Dir I, Prog & Project
Asst Dir II, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir II, Acad Student Serv
Asst Dir II, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir III Mental & Phy Hlth
Asst Dir III, Acad Studt Serv
Asst Dir III, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir III, Acad Studt Serv
Asst Dir IV, Acad Studt Serv
Asst Dir IV, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir IV, Bus & Fin Serv
Asst Dir of Finance
Asst Dir of RM & Perf Imprv
Asst Dir Sch Acct/AGH Fac Fellow & Senior Educator
Asst Dir, Admin & Managerial
Asst Dir, Child & Youth Ed Dev
Asst Dir, Museum/Theatre
Asst Dir- Marketing & Strategic Communications
Asst Dir/Prof of Practice
Asst Director
Asst Director I, Agri & Ext
Asst Director II, Agri & Ext
Asst Director II, Infor Tech
Asst Director II, Agri & Ext
Asst Director III, Prog & Proj
Asst Director Major Div/School
Asst Director of Eligibility
Asst Director SNAP Emp Srvs
Asst Director, Hospitality
Asst Emergency Mgt Coordinator
Asst General Counsel for PPS
Asst IV-E Program Manager
Asst Laboratory Animal Tech
Asst Operator Eng (EA III)
Asst Prof & First Year Seminar Faculty Coordinator
Asst Prof of Pract/Acad PrgAsc
Asst Prof, Dir of Jazz Studies/Grad Coordinator