KanView Search - Pay Rates

The KanView search feature may be performed on revenues, expenditures, or vendor payments. Search drill down options include: Account Code, Agency, Function, and Fund. Vendor payments may be searched by Vendor, Account, or Fund keyword(s).

Employee Compensation is displayed on the basis of Total Gross Pay. Search drill down options are by Agency or by Job Title. Employee compensation is subject to certain confidentiality requirements. Funding Sources for employee compensation include state, federal, and private dollars.

Revenues, Expenditures, Vendor Payments, and Employee Compensation data may be downloaded from the Kanview Data Download Center.

* Fiscal years are from July 1st through June 30th. KanView data is reported on an accounting basis rather than a budgetary basis as explained in Variance to the State Budget. The totals from the state’s accounting system include transactions such as “non-expense items” that are not recorded as part of the state’s budget.

2016 Pay Rates: Job Titles

Job Title
Acad Adv Career Explr Asst Dir
Academic Accommodations Advs
Academic Adv Career Explor Dir
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisor Senior
Academic Instructor
Academic Office Manager
Academic Program Specialist
Academic Services Administratr
Academic/Student Advisor
Access Services Manager
Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk III
Account Manager
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Accountant IV
Accountant Senior
Accountant V
Accountant/Buyer Manager
Accounting Director
Accounting Grant Admin Asst Di
Accounting Manager
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Technician
Accounting/Membership Specialist
Accreditation Coordinator
Acquisitions Editor
Acting Assistant Professor
Activity Coordinator
Activity Leader
Activity Specialist
Activity Specialist I
Activity Specialist II
Activity Therapist
Activity Therapist I
Activity Therapist II
Activity Therapy Technician
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Instructor
Adjunct Professor
Admin Appellate Court Clerk
Admin Assistant Senior
Admin Assistant To The Speaker
Admin Personnel Technician
Admin Statistical Technician
Administrative Aide
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant - Unc
Administrative Associate
Administrative Associate Sr
Administrative Clerk
Administrative Director
Administrative Hearing Officer
Administrative Law Judge
Administrative Legal Secretary
Administrative Officer
Administrative Professional
Administrative Professional Sr
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Technician
Administrative Technician II
Administrtive Support Specialist
Admissions Counselor
Admissions Evaluator
Admissions Recruiter/Advisor
Admissions Representative
Adv Registered Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Epidemiologist
Advanced Flight Instructor
Advanced Instructor
Advanced Practice Regstr Nurse
Advancement Assistant
Advertising/Mktg Account Coord
Advising Office Coordinator
Affirmative Action/EEO Coord
Agricultural Inspector II
Agricultural Specialist
Agricultural Technician
Agricultural Technician Senior
Agriculture Inspector
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Resource Coordinator
Alumni Coordinator
Alumni Information Specialist
Alumni Program Director
Alumni Program Specialist
Alumni Records Specialist
Animal Facility Manager
Animal Health Officer
Animal Science Worker
Appeals Referee
Appellate Court Clerk I
Appellate Court Clerk II
Appellate Court Clerk III
Appellate Reporter II
Appellate Reporter Technician
Application Developmnt Manager
Application Systems Administrator
Application Systems Coordnator
Applications Developer
Applications Developer I
Applications Developer II
Applications Developer III
Applications Development Super
Applications Prog/Web Develpr
Applications Programmer/Analyst
Applications Support Technician
Applications Training Specialist
Appointive State Agency Head
Appointment Manager
Appointment Specialist
Appt/elect Bd/comm Bd Member
Archeologist II
Archeologist III
Architect II
Architect III
Architect Intern
Architect Project Designer
Archivist Associate
Art Collection Manager
Art Collection Registrar
Art Director
Art Educator
Art Exhibition Designer
Art Registrar
Art/Design Lab Specialist
Assc Professor of the Practice
Assessment Accred Asst Prg Dir
Asset Forfeiture Coordinator
Assigned Justice/judge
Assist Dean/Assist Librarian
Assist Dir Campus Postal Svc
Assist. Dean/Assoc. Librarian
Assistant Administrator
Assistant Agronomist
Assistant Archivist
Assistant Athletic Director
Assistant Attorney General
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Part Time
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Comptroller
Assistant Controller
Assistant Coordinator
Assistant Curator
Assistant Custodial Supervisor
Assistant Dean
Assistant Dean of Students
Assistant Dean/Librarian
Assistant Dean/Professor
Assistant Dir Construction
Assistant Dir Contract Mgmt
Assistant Dir Major Div/School
Assistant Dir Production
Assistant Director
Assistant Director News
Assistant Fiscal Officer
Assistant Forester
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant Instructor
Assistant Librarian
Assistant Network Administratr
Assistant Nurse Manager
Assistant Payroll Manager
Assistant Prgm Director Alumni
Assistant Prof 10 Month
Assistant Prof 12 Month
Assistant Prof 9 Month
Assistant Professor
Assistant Provost
Assistant Provost/Professor
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Research Professor
Assistant Researcher
Assistant Researcher Senior
Assistant Revisor III
Assistant Scientist
Assistant Scientist/Director
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Sergeant At Arms
Assistant Skilled Trades Suprv
Assistant Specialist
Assistant Specialist Non-Exempt
Assistant Superintendent
Assistant To The Dean
Assistant to the Director
Assistant To The President
Assistant to the Secretary
Assistant University Architect
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice Provost
Assistant VP, Student Affairs
Assistive Technology Specialist
Assoc Dean
Assoc Dean/Assoc Professor
Assoc Dean/Clinical Assoc Prof
Assoc Dean/Director/Univ Prof
Assoc Dir CMD
Assoc Dir Cmps Rec Facilits
Assoc Dir Cnsling & Test Ctr
Assoc Dir Facilities Plnning
Assoc Dir Financial Aid
Assoc Dir Housing & Res Life
Assoc Dir Human Resources
Assoc Dir Intrnl Education
Assoc Dir Intrnl Emplmnt/Vstr
Assoc Dir Major Div/School
Assoc Dir NIAR Research
Assoc Dir Post Awrd Grnt Admn
Assoc Dir Res Facility Mntnce
Assoc Dir Social Scnce Rsrch
Assoc Dir Student Health
Assoc Dir University Budget
Assoc Dir Unrgrd Admissions
Assoc Dir-MU Sr Dir CSI
Assoc Dir/Assoc Professor
Assoc Dir/Profsr-Sr Curator
Assoc Director
Assoc Director Constr & Prod
Assoc Director-Technology
Assoc Prgrm Dir KK@GU
Assoc Prgrm Dir Upwrd Bound
Assoc Prgrm Dir WSU KSBDC
Assoc Prof/Assoc Research Prof
Assoc Professor
Assoc Professor -Assoc Curator
Assoc Professor-Assoc Sci
Assoc Professor-Asst Scientist
Assoc Registrar
Assoc Student Health Physician
Assoc Vice Chancellr-Professor
Assoc Vice President IT & CIO
Assoc Vice Provost/Budget Dir
Assoc VP Instructional Tech
Assoc VP, Finance & Director
Assoc/Asst Public Affairs Dir
AssocDir/Prof of the Practice
Associate Agronomist
Associate Athletic Director
Associate Auditor
Associate Comptroller
Associate Curator
Associate Dean
Associate Dean/Professor
Associate Dean/University Prof
Associate Dir Major Div/School
Associate Director
Associate Director/Instructor
Associate Director/Professor
Associate Engineer
Associate Forester
Associate General Counsel
Associate Librarian
Associate Prof 10 Month
Associate Prof 12 Month
Associate Prof 9 Month
Associate Prof-Chairperson
Associate Professor
Associate Provost
Associate Provost/Professor
Associate Registrar
Associate Research Professor
Associate Researcher
Associate Researcher Senior
Associate Scientist
Associate Scientist/Asst. Dir
Associate Scientist/Director
Associate Specialist
Associate Vice Chancellor
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice Provost
Associate VP, Student Affairs
Asst Chief Flight Instructor
Asst Coach Men's Rowing
Asst Coach-Football
Asst Coach-Mens Basketball
Asst Coach-Strength & Cond
Asst Coach-Track and Field
Asst Coach-Volleyball
Asst Controller-Accounting Srv
Asst Controller-Student Srv
Asst Dean/Associate Professor
Asst Dean/Asst Professor
Asst Dean/Dir/Prof of Practice
Asst Dir Acad Success Prgrm
Asst Dir Alumni Events
Asst Dir Assessment & Tech
Asst Dir Athletic Facilities
Asst Dir Cntr for Entrpnrship
Asst Dir Combting Hmn Traffic
Asst Dir Commncmnt & Confrncs
Asst Dir Disability Services
Asst Dir Financial Aid Systms
Asst Dir Financial Studnt Svc
Asst Dir First Year Prgrms
Asst Dir Frat & Sorority Life
Asst Dir Govrnmnt Relations
Asst Dir Grad Stdies Business
Asst Dir Human Resources
Asst Dir Intrntnl Education
Asst Dir Planning & Analysis
Asst Dir Stdnt & Young Alumni
Asst Dir Stdnt Emplyr Relatns
Asst Dir Stdnt Involvement
Asst Dir-Development Athletics
Asst Dir-Maint & Custodial
Asst Dir-Media Relations
Asst Dir-Process & Compliance
Asst Dir/Prof of Practice
Asst Director
Asst Director Admissions
Asst Director Major Div/School
Asst Director NIAR Research
Asst Director Purchasing
Asst Director Scholarships
Asst Director-Data Information
Asst Director-Media Relations
Asst Director-Technology
Asst Director/Assoc Professor
Asst Laboratory Animal Tech
Asst Mgr Facilities Prjcts
Asst Prgrm Dir Adult Ed
Asst Prgrm Dir FCSME
Asst Prgrm Dir KPTAC
Asst Prgrm Dir TRIO
Asst Prgrm Dir Upwrd Bnd
Asst Professor of the Practice
Asst Professor-Asst Curator
Asst Professor-Asst Scientist
Asst Provost/asst Professor
Asst Secretary of KDWP
Asst State Agcy Head-full Time
Asst To The Chancellor/pres
Asst Vice President
Asst VP Stu Affairs Enroll Mgt
Asst Womens Basketball Coach
Athl Academic Affairs Asst Dir
Athletic Trainer
Athletics Director
Athletics Program Specialist
Attorney A
Attorney Admissions Clerk III
Attorney II
Attorney IV
Attorney Registratn Clerk III
Audio Visual Specialist
Audit & Cmpliance Analyst TS Sr
Audit & Complance Analyst AP Sr
Audit & Compliance Analyst AP
Audit Manager
Auditor Senior
Automotive Driver
AV Technician
Aviation Manager/Chief Pilot
Aviation Technician
Banner Administrator
Bd Of Comm Executive Secretary
Bd Or Comm Member (Full Time)
Beauty Shop Inspector
Benefits Coordinator
Benefits Manager
Benefits Specialist
Bill Status Clerk
Biomedical Librarian
Biosafety Specialist
Bldg Automa Systems Specialist
BME Laboratory Manager
Boiler Operator
Boiler Operator Senior
Boiler Technician
Bond Services Trainee
Bookbinder Senior
Boxing Commissioner
Boxing Inspector
Boxing Inspector Senior
Broadcast Engineer
Broadcast Host & Producer
Broadcast Media Techncian
Bsnss Tech Solutns Spclst Sr
Budget & Planning Asst Dir
Budget & Proj Portfolio Coord
Budget Analyst
Budget Planning Analyst
Budget/Fiscal Officer
Building Construction Inspector
Building Maint Operations Dir
Building System Technician
Building Systems Engineer
Building Systems Engineer III
Buildings Maintenance Manager
Business & Industry Liaison
Business Coordinator
Business Director
Business Financial Specialist
Business Intelligence Designer
Business Manager
Business Marketing Representv
Business Systems Analyst
Business Systm Analyst Manager
Business Technology Analyst
Business Technology Analyst Sr
Cabinet Secretary
CAD Manager
Calendar Clerk
Campaign Manager
Campus Operatns Prg Specialist
Campus Rec Intramural Director
Campus Security Officer
Capital Planning Manager
Capitol Area Guard I
Capitol Area Guard II
Career Advisor Senior
Career Coordinator
Career Coordinator Senior
Career Counselor
Career Development Specialist
Career Services Director
Carpenter Senior
Case Management Specialist
Caucus Liaison
Central KS Region MLS Director
Central Registry Manager
Certified Asbestos Worker
Certified Nurse Aide I
Certified Nurse Aide II
Chairperson 10 Month
Chairperson 12 Month
Chairperson 9 Month
Chairperson-Assoc Professor
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Chemist I
Chemist II
Chemist III
Chf Enforcement Officer (ABC)
Chf Of Acct & Finance Analysis
Chf Of Off Of Econ Pol & Plan
Chief Audit Executive
Chief Clerk Of House
Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel to Chief Judge
Chief Deputy App Ct Clerk
Chief Eng/Dir Water Resource
Chief Engineer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Fiscal Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Infrmtn Security Officer
Chief Infrmtn Technlgy Officer
Chief Journal Clerk
Chief Judge
Chief Judge Court Of Appeals
Chief Justice
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief of Operations
Chief of Police
Chief Of Staff
Chief of University Police
Chief Radio Engineer
Chief Securities Regltry Offcr
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Telecom Analyst
Chief Television Engieer
Claims Examiner
Clerk Appellate Court
Clerk IV
Clerk Of District Court I
Clerk Of District Court II
Clerk Of District Court III
Clerk Of District Court IV
Clerk-Typist II
Client Support & Training Spec
Client Training Supervisor
Clinic Director Psychology
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Chaplain
Clinical Data Manager
Clinical Director
Clinical Educator Senior
Clinical Instructor
Clinical Nurse Specialist-Adm
Clinical Professor
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Monitor
Clinical Social Worker
Clinical Supervisor
Clinical Veterinarian
Code Compliance Coordinator
Collector Senior
College Access Advisor
Comm & Marketing Specialist
Committee Secretary II
Committee Secretary III
Committee Secretary IV
Committee Secretary V
Committee Secretary VI
Communication Manager
Communication Specialist
Communication Specialist Spvr
Communications Analyst I
Communications Associate
Communications Coordinator
Communications Manager
Communications Officer
Communications Special Super
Communications Special Supv
Communications Specialist
Communications Specialist I
Communications Specialist II
Community Liaison EFC
Community Outreach Caseworker
Community Prog Consultant II
Compensation Analyst
Compliance Auditor
Compliance Officer
Computer Information Spec
Computer Oper Facility Tech
Computer Operations Supv
Computer Operator II
Computer Sys Support Tech/Prog
Computer Systems Analyst
Computing Services Director
Computing Technician
Conference & Events Planner
Conservation Off Park Ranger
Conservation Technician
Constituent Services Liaison
Construction Engineer
Construction Manager
Contract Licensing Coordinator
Contracts & Grants Specialist
Contracts Attorney
Contracts/Grants Spec Senior
Cook Senior
Coop Educ Program Coordinator
Coord Acadmc Support Prgrams
Coord Campus Events & Ops
Coord Campus Health & Fitness
Coord Comm College Relations
Coord Cooperative Ed Prgrm
Coord Data Mngmnt System
Coord First Year Programs
Coord Of Children's Service
Coord Program Admissions
Coord Res Markting & Outreach
Coord Research Compliance
Coord Residence Community
Coord Social Work Program
Coord Stdnt Cnduct & Comm Std
Coord Stu Involvmnt Greek Life
Coord Training & Development
Coord- Spec Events & Ticket
Coordinator Campus Visits
Coordinator Classroom Media
Coordinator Client Services
Coordinator Engagement - KMUW
Coordinator of Inst Research
Coordinator Scholarships
Coordinator Special Events
Coordinator Strategic Develop
Coordinator Student Programs
Coordinator-Alumni Programs
Coordinator-SC KS Alumni
Coordinator-Systems Interface
Copy Editor
Correctional Facilities Spec 2
Correctional Industries Manager
Correctional Industries Mgr Sr
Corrections Counselor I
Corrections Counselor II
Corrections Manager I
Corrections Manager II
Corrections Manager III
Corrections Officer
Corrections Officer I (A)
Corrections Officer I (B)
Corrections Officer II
Corrections Specialist
Corrections Supervisor
Corrections Supervisor I
Corrections Supervisor II
Corrections Supervisor III
Costume Shop Manager
Counselor McNair Program
Court Improvement Progr Spec
Court Management Analyst
Court Program Analyst
Court Services Admin Officer
Court Services Officer I
Court Services Officer II
Court Services Officer III
Court Services Specialist
Creative Coordinator
Creative Director
Credential Specialist
Crime Victims Advocate
Crt of Appeals Resrch Atty I
Crt of Appeals Resrch Atty II
Crt of Appeals Resrch Atty III
Curator Ulrich Museum of Art
Curr & Assessment Assistant
Curr & Assessment Spec Mngr
Curr & Assessment Spec Sr
Curr & Assessment Specialist
Curriculum Coordinator
Custodial Manager
Custodial Specialist
Custodial Specialist Senior
Custodial Supervisor
Custodial Supervisor Senior
Customer Relations Manager
Customer Service Representative
Data Analyst
Data Coordinator
Data Entry Operator III
Data Processing Manager
Data Warehousing Analyst
Database Admin Supervisor
Database Administrator
Database Administrator I
Database Administrator II
Database Administrator III
Database Analyst
Database Coordinator
Deaf/Hard Hearing Srvcs Coord
Dean / University Professor
Dean-Associate Professor
Dean/Associate Librarian
Dean/Executive Director
Dean/University Professor
Debt Collection Specialist
Degree Analyst
Degree Audit Scribe
Degree Specialist
Dental Assistant
Dep Attorney General (Div CF)
Department Director
Department Head
Deputy Asst Secretary Of State
Deputy Boiler Inspector
Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Dir Design Constr Mgmt
Deputy Dir of Emergency Mgmt
Deputy Director
Deputy Disciplinary Admin
Deputy Executive Director
Deputy General Counsel
Deputy Judicial Administrator
Deputy Members Services Officr
Deputy Policy Director
Deputy Post Auditor
Deputy Secretary
Design and Promotions Administ
Development Director
Development Specialist
Developmntl Disblty Specialist
Dietitian II
Dietitian III
Dietitian Specialist-Academic
Digital Media Coordinator
Digital Media Production Tech
Digital Media Specialist
Digital Print Specialist
Digital Strategist
Dir - Administrative Solutions
Dir - Cust Svc and Engagement
Dir Alumni Mmbrship & Mrkting
Dir Architectural & Eng Srvcs
Dir Business Tech Admin
Dir Center for ImpPACT
Dir Cntr Behvrl Hlth Initves
Dir Cntr Economic Development
Dir Cntr for Entrepreneurship
Dir Cntr Ldrship Development
Dir Cntr Public Hlth Initves
Dir Cntr/Applied Rsrch & Eval
Dir Enrprse Systms Dev/Admin
Dir Envirmntl Cntrl/Plnt Cmpt
Dir Housing & Residence Life
Dir Intensive English Program
Dir IP & Research Compliance
Dir ITS Project Management
Dir Media Resources Center
Dir Museum of Anthropology
Dir Network Svcs & Security
Dir Of Budget And Special Proj
Dir Of Information Systems
Dir Of Student Financial Aid
Dir of Trial Court Programs
Dir Ops & Finance - CEI
Dir Ops & Finance - Ennovar
Dir Performance Facilities
Dir Pre-Award Grnt Admin
Dir Prgms & Admin KCEE
Dir Program Development
Dir Research Technology
Dir SC Appeals/Special Project
Dir Server Infrastructure
Dir Stdnt & Accts Receivable
Dir Stgc Cmpus Prtshps/Ed Prg
Dir Strategic Comm Projects
Dir Strategic Development
Dir Strategic Investments
Dir Strtgic Univ Initiatives
Dir Studnt Acad Prgrms & Svcs
Dir Transition Stu Conduct
Dir Wrkfrc Prof & Comm Ed
Dir, Attending Veterinarian
Dir, Facilities Planning
Dir, Govt Relations & Exec Dir
Dir, Intercollegiate Athletics
Dir-Network/Security Solutions
Dir-Research & Special Asst
Dir/Professor of the Practice
Direcotr HPCC
Director - MU & Stdnt Invlvmnt
Director - TRIO
Director Academic Advising
Director Academic Affairs Ops
Director Accounting Ops
Director Admin & Finance Ops
Director Adult Learning
Director Advertising
Director Alumni Affairs
Director Alumni Communication
Director Auxiliary Services
Director Broadcast Content
Director Campus Postal Svcs
Director Campus Recreation
Director Child Develpmnt Cntr
Director Client Services
Director CMD
Director Communications
Director Development
Director Disability Services
Director Diversity/Inclusion
Director EHS
Director Engagement Mrkting
Director Facilities & Grounds
Director Facilities Services
Director Financial Aid
Director GoCreate
Director Grad Studies/Bsness
Director Graduate Operations
Director Instructor
Director Internal Audit
Director KBI
Director Legislative Research
Director Major Division/School
Director News
Director NIAR Research
Director NIAR Research Dev
Director of Academic Services
Director of Admissions
Director of Capital Improvmnts
Director of Ceremonies/Events
Director Of Communications
Director of Compliance
Director Of Constituent Svcs
Director of Education
Director of Export Compliance
Director of External Affairs
Director of Federal Relations
Director of Finance
Director of Fiscal Services
Director of Gaming Facilities
Director of Information System
Director of Information Tech
Director of Investments
Director of IOA/Title IX Coord
Director Of Laboratories
Director Of Marketing
Director of Operations
Director of Program Evaluation
Director of Public Affairs
Director Of Research
Director Of Sales
Director of Scheduling
Director Of Security
Director of State Relations
Director of Student Counseling
Director of University Relatns
Director of Victim Services
Director Online Learning
Director Professor
Director Program Coordination
Director Purchasing
Director RTT Communications
Director Stdnt Health Svcs
Director Student Engagement
Director Student Involvement
Director T3
Director Technical Marketing
Director Telecom Services
Director Ulrich Museum of Art
Director Undergrad Admissions
Director WSU South
Director WSU West
Director-Admin/Facilities Main
Director-Athletic Mktg
Director-Bldg Svcs/Util/Sys M
Director-Donor Relations
Director-Ed Talent Search
Director-Health Svc
Director-Learning Technologies
Director-Oper & Event Mgmt
Director-Student Success Cntr
Director-Sys & Client Solution
Director/Assistant Professor
Director/Associate Librarian
Director/Associate Professor
Director/Clinical Assoc.Prof
Director/Clinical Professor
Director/University Architect
Disability Serv. Coordinator
Disability Services Advisor
Disbursement Agent
Disciplinary Administrator
Disease Intervention Specialis
Dist Prof/Assoc Dean
Distance Coordinator
Distinguished Prof/Director
Distinguished Prof/SrCurator
Distinguished Prof/SrScientist
Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Professor/Chair
District Court Admin I
District Court Admin III
District Court Clerk Specialis
District Court Judges
District Environmental Admin
District Magistrate Judge
Docking Ins Public Affairs Dir
Docking Inst Resrch Coordinatr
Docking Institute Asst Dir
Document Room Clerk
Documentation Technical Writer
Dorm Prog Dir/dir Of Housing
Dormitory Teacher
Dpty Chf of Economics & Rates
Driver License Examiner
Driver License Examiner Coor
Driver License Examiner Spec
Drug and Alcohol Counselor
EAI Investigator
EAI Supervisor
Economic Development Rep
Economic Development Rep II
Economic Development Rep III
Ed Spec-Talent Srch-Emporia
Ed Support Technologist
Editor of Statutes
Education Advisor
Education Assistant Professor
Education Instructor
Education Officer
Education Program Consultant
Education Program Coordinator
Education Program Manager
Education Program Specialist
Education Research Analyst Sr
Education Technician
Education/Information Officer
Educational Program Tech
Educational Specialist
Educational Tech Coordinator
Educational Technologist
Educational/Info Rep I
Educational/Info Rep II
EHS Program Manager
Elective State Agency Head
Electrician Senior
Electronic Control Center Sup
Electronic Control Cntr Tech
Electronic Team Chief
Electronic Technician
Electronics Specialist
Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician Sr
Electronics Technologist
Emerg Med Services Specialist
Emergency Communication Spec
Emergency Communications Spec
Emergency Management Coordinat
Emergency Management Cordnator
Emergency Management Spec
Emergency Preparedness Planner
Employee Relations Spec Sr
Employee Relations Specialist
Employment Specialist
Energy & Utilities Director
Energy Conservation Manager
Energy Engineer
Energy Program Manager
Enforcement Agent
Engineer Facilities Mech Syst
Engineering Associate
Engineering Associate III
Engineering Educator Assistant
Engineering Project Designer
Engineering Technician
Engineering Technician Senior
Engineering Technician Spec
Engnr Rsrch Prjcts Instrmnttn
Enrolling Clerk
Enrollment Management Asst
Enrollment Mgmnt Specialist
Enrollment Mgmt Specialist
Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Support Specialist
Enterprise Systems Director
Enterprise Tech Support Mgr
Env Compliance/Regulatory Spec
Enviro Compliance/Reg Spec Sup
Environmental & Safety Spclst
Environmental /Life Safety Mgr
Environmental Associate
Environmental Comp/Reg Spec I
Environmental Comp/Reg Spec II
Environmental Compliance Coor
Environmental Control Speclist
Environmental Officer
Environmental Prog Admin Supv
Environmental Program Admin
Environmental Program Admin I
Environmental Program Admin II
Environmental Safety Manager
Environmental Specialist
Environmental Specialist Supv
Environmental Technician II
Environmental Technician III
Equipment Body Mechanic
Equipment Mechanic
Equipment Mechanic Senior
Equipment Mechanic Specialist
Equipment Mechanic Supervisor
Equipment Operator
Equipment Operator Senior
Equipment Operator Specialist
Equipment Planning Techn I
Equipment Planning Technician
Equipment Shop Supervisor
Events Coordinator
Events Specialist
Ex Dir Comm on Impaired Lawyrs
Ex Dir Mobilizing Literacy
Ex Dir State Board Of Nursing
Exec Administrative Assistant
Exec Assist to the President
Exec Asst to the Chanc/Provost
Exec Dir International Ed
Exec Dir University Marketing
Exec Director Physical Plant
Exec. Vice Chanc/Provost/Prof
Executive Admin Specialist
Executive Administrative Asst
Executive Assistant
Executive Associate
Executive Asst To The Pres
Executive Coordinator
Executive Director
Executive Director CEI
Executive Director EEO
Executive Director Ennovar
Executive Director KCEE
Executive Director KMUW
Executive Officer
Executive Program Director T3
Executive Secretary
Executive Staff Administrator
Executive Vice Chancellor
Exhibits Designer
Exhibits Manager
Exhibits Specialist
Export Compliance Specialist
Ext Ag Economist-KFMA
Extension Agent
Extension Assistant
Extension Associate
Extension Nutritional Asst I
Facilities Maintenance Super
Facilities Maintenance Tech
Facilities Master Planner
Facilities Planning Director
Facilities Planning Technician
Facilities Specialist
Facilities Technician
Facility Coordinator
Facility Custodian
Facility Maint. Repair Technic
Facility Manager
Facility Mgr & Gen Repair Tech
Facility Security Officer
Faculty Development Coordinatr
Fam Support Advocate
Fam Support Coordinator
Family Needs Specialist
Federal Grants Prgm Specialist
Federal Grants Program Admin
Federal Grants Program Analyst
Federal Grants Program Manager
Fellow (Post Doc Res)
Fellow (Post Doc)
Finance & Reporting Manager
Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid Advisor Sr
Financial Aid Assistant
Financial Aid Assistant Dir
Financial Aid Director
Financial Aid Prgrm Specialist
Financial Aid Program Coord
Financial Aid Schlrshp Spclst
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst Intermediate
Financial Analyst Senior
Financial Examiner
Financial Examiner Administrat
Financial Manager
Financial Quantitative Analyst
Financial Sys Admin/Proj Mgr
Financial Systems Analyst
Fire & Safety Coord Senior
Fire & Safety Coordinator
Fire Inspector
Fire Investigator
Fire Protection Crew Chief
Fire Protection Sfty Trng Spec
Fire Protection Specialist
Fire Protection Station Capt
Fire Protection Supervisor
Fire Safety Trainer
First Assistant Revisor
First Responder
Fiscal & Business Asst Sr
Fiscal Analyst
Fiscal and Business Assistant
Fiscal and Business Specialist
Fiscal Officer
Fisheries/W-Life Biologist Sup
Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist
Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist I
Fisheries/Wildlife Biologist II
Fld Representative (Insurance)
Flight Instructor
Food Drug Lodging Surveyor
Food Service Manager
Food Service Supervisor
Food Service Supervisor Senior
Food Service Worker
Food, Drug And Lodg Surv I
Food, Drug And Lodg Surv II
Forensic Scientist
Forensic Scientist I
Forensic Scientist II
Forensic Scientist III
Forensic Scientist IV
Foster GP & Sr Comp Director
Foster GP Sr Cmp Asst Director
Foster Grandparent (Federal)
Functional Systems Analyst
Functional Systems Analyst Sr
Functional Systems Manager
Funeral Home Crematory Inspect
Gallery Manager
Gen Counsel to Chief Justice
Gen Maint & Repair Tech
Gen Maint & Repair Tech II
Gen Maint & Repair Tech Sr
Gen Maint And Repair Tech Sr
General Counsel
General Counsel Office Admin
General Maintenance Worker
General Maintenance Worker Sr
General Repair Worker
Geology Associate
Geology Specialist
Gift Records Manager
GIS Specialist
Graduate Admissions Spclist
Graduate Fellow
Graduate Prgm Coordinator
Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate School Coordinator
Grant Administrator
Grant Coordinator
Grant Financial Administrator
Grant Fiscal Officer
Grant Manager
Grant Monitor
Grant Officer
Grant Specialist
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Specialist
Graphics Specialist
Grounds Custodial Services Dir
Grounds Maintenance Super II
Grounds Maintenance Super Sr
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Grounds Supervisor
Grounds Technician
Hardware Engineer
Hazardous Materials Supervisor
Hazardous Materials Technician
Hazardous Waste Manager
Hazardous Waste Technician
Head Athletic Trainer
Head Coach
Head Coach Men's Rowing
Head Coach-Baseball
Head Coach-Football
Head Coach-Mens Basketball
Head Coach-Soccer
Head Coach-Softball
Head Coach-Tennis
Head Coach-Track/Field/CC
Head Coach-Volleyball
Head Coach-Womens Basketball
Head Of Division Of State Agcy
Health Care Assistant
Health Care Professional
Health Care Technician
Health Care Technician II
Health Educator
Health Facility Surveyor
Health Facility Surveyor I
Health Facility Surveyor II
Health Facility Surveyor III
Health Information Manager
Health Officer
Help Desk Coordinator
Herndon Clinic Coordinator
Highway Maintenance Superinten
Highway Maintenance Supervisor
Highway Patrol Captain
Highway Patrol Lieutenant
Highway Patrol Major
Highway Patrol Trooper
Highway Shop Superintendent
Historic Preservation Spec II
Historic Site Curator I
Hlth Or Environ Prog Analyst
Horticulture Supervisor
House Manager
Human Resource Analyst
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Director
Human Resource Prgm Specialist
Human Resource Prof I
Human Resource Prof II
Human Resource Prof III
Human Resource Professional
Human Resource Specialist
Human Resource Specialist II
Human Services Assistant
Human Services Consultant
Human Services Counselor
Human Services Practitioner
Human Services Specialist
Human Services Supervisor
HVAC Technician
HVAC Technician Senior
HVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic
Hwy Patrol Master/Tech Trooper
IME Laboratory Manager
Industrial Hygienist
Industrial Mechanical Tech
Industry Liaison Officer
Info Tech Security Analyst
Information Resource Manager
Information Resource Officer
Information Resource Spec
Information Security
Information Specialist I
Information Systems Administra
Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems Manager
Information Systems Supervisor
Information Tech Coordinator
Information Tech Support Spec
Information Technology Consultant
Information Technology Coor
Information Technology Manager
Inst Research Analyst
Institutional Research Analyst
Institutional Research Mgr
Instructional Assistant
Instructional Designer
Instructional Technologist
Instructor 12 Month
Instructor 9 Month
Instructor/ Director-IEP
Instrumentation Technician
Insurance Examiner
Insurance Specialist
Intake Protection Specialist
Interior Designer
Internal Auditor
International Advisor
International Advisor Senior
International Education Dir
International Program Spec CR
International Student Advisor
Intl Stu Services Asst Prg Dir
Intramurals Asst Prgm Director
Intrntl Admissions Evaluator
Inventory Control Specialist
Investigative Agent
Investment Analyst
Investment Officer
Investment Operations Analyst
IRB/IACUC Assistant
IS Manager I
IS Manager II
IT Analyst
IT Analyst Senior
IT Architect
IT Architecture Analyst II
IT Assistant Director
IT Assistant Programmer
IT Associate Director
IT Associate Programmer
IT Director
IT Engineer
IT Engineer Senior
IT Operations Analyst
IT Program Manager
IT Project Analyst
IT Project Coordinator
IT Project Manager
IT Project Mgmt Supervisor
IT Security Analyst II
IT Security Analyst Senior
IT Security Auditor Senior
IT Security Engineer Senior
IT Security Officer
IT Senior Programmer
IT Support Technician
IT Support Technician Senior
IT Technician
IT Technology Coordinator
IT Technology Manager
IT Technology Specialist
Journal Clerk I
Journal Clerk II
Journeyman Printer
Judges Court Of Appeals
Judicial Administrator
Judicial Executive Assist I
Judicial Executive Assist II
Judicial Executive Assist III
Judicial Qualifictns Clerk III
Juvenile Corrections Off I(A)
Juvenile Corrections Off I(B)
Juvenile Corrections Offcr III
Juvenile Corrections Officer
Juvenile Corrections Officr II
KAMS Assistant Director
KAMS Director
Kelly Center Director
Kelly Center Prgm Specialist
Ks Highway Patrol Lt Colonel
KSBDC Assistant Director
KSBDC Director
KWEC Director
KWEC Program Specialist
Lab Coordinator
Lab Educational Technician
Lab Improvement Specialist
Lab Safety Specialist
Lab Technologist-Research
Labor Conciliator
Labor Supervisor
Laboratory Animal Technologist
Laboratory Coordinator
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory Program Director
Laboratory Techncian
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician II
Laboratory Technician III
Laboratory Technologist
Laborer Supervisor
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect II
Landscape Architect Intern
Landscape Manager
Landscape Supervisor
Landscape Technician
Landscape Worker
Landscape Worker Senior
Laundry Manager
Laundry Supervisor
Laundry Worker
Law Clerk
Law Enforcement Officer I
Law Enforcement Officer II
Law Enforcement Officer III
Lead Accounting Technician
Lead Operations Technician
Lead Word Processing Technicia
Learning Commons Coordntr
Learning Media Coordinator
Learning Space Tech Coord.
Learning Specialist
Lecturer/Academic Program Asoc
Leg Chief Info Techn Officer
Legal Assistant
Legal Intern
Legislative Aide
Legislative Assistant
Legislative Liaison
Legislative Liason
Legislative Policy Director
Legislative Post Auditor
Librarian Faculty 12 mo
Librarian I
Librarian II
Librarian III
Library Access Service Special
Library Assistant
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant II
Library Assistant III
Library Associate
Library Coordinator
Library Manager
Library Preservation Assistant
Library Resources Manager
Library Senior Manager
Library Specialist
Library Specialist Senior
Licensed Mental Health Tech
Licensed Pharmacy Inspector
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse Sr
Licensing Coordinator
Licensure Specialist
Loan Manager
Local Campaign Finance Super
Lock System Specialist
Lock System Specialist Sr
Locksmith Senior
Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Lottery District Manager
Lottery Executive Director
Lottery Gaming Facility Accnt
Lottery Gaming Facility Anlyst
Lt Governor
MACA Administrator
Mail Center Assistant
Mail Clerk
Maint and Repair Technician
Maintenance & Repair Spec Sr
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Technician
Management Analyst
Management Analyst II
Management Systems Analyst I
Management Systems Analyst II
Management Systems Analyst III
Manager Academic Advising
Manager Applications Training
Manager Campus Visits
Manager Central Energy Plant
Manager Dept Business & Admin
Manager Desktop Computing
Manager Digitl Content Mrkting
Manager Financial Info Systems
Manager Graduate Admissions
Manager Human Resources
Manager Insrtrctnl Design/Tech
Manager IT Help Desk
Manager Media Services
Manager Payroll
Manager Prevention Content
Manager Print Shop
Manager Software Dev Lab
Manager SRA Lab
Manager Student Emplyr Relatns
Manager Systems Development
Manager Technology & Systems
Manager Telecommuncations Svcs
Manager Training & Development
Manager Video Srvc & Cable TV
Manager Web & New Media Cntnt
Manager-Costume Shop
Managing Auditor
Managing Court Reporter
Managing Editor
Managing Financial Analyst
Managing Telecom Auditor
Mananger Information Systems
Manufacturing Manager
Marketing & Development Managr
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Editor
Mason Senior
Master Craftsman Printer
Master Teacher
ME Laboratory Manager
Mechanic I
Mechanic III
Mechanic Senior
Mechanic's Helper
Mechanical Manager
Mechanical Sys Superv
Media Production Director
Media Production Specialist
Media Production Technician
Media Resources Technologist
Medical Administrator
Medical Assistant
Medical Educ Prgm Specialist
Medical Information Specialist
Medical Investigator
Medical Laboratory Supervisor
Medical Laboratory Techngst
Medical Records Coder
Medical Resident Year 1
Medical Resident Year 2
Medical Resident Year 3
Medical Resident Yr 1
Medical Resident Yr 2
Medical Resident Yr 3
Medical Resident Yr 4
Medical Resident Yr 5
Medical Resident Yr 6
Medical Resident Yr 7
Medical Resident Yr 8
Medical Staff Professional
Medical Technologist
Member Services Officer
Membership Administrator
Membership/Donor Coordinator
Membership/Donor Director
Membership/Donor Specialist
Memorial Union Assistant Dir
Memorial Union Director
Memorial Union Fac Op Asst Dir
Mental Health Aide
Mental Health Professional
Metadata Specialist
Metadata Specialist Senior
Mgr Online Student Services
Mgt Development Center Prg Dir
MHDD Technician
Micro Computer Support Tech
Micro Computer Support Tech I
Microbiologist I
Microbiologist II
Microbiologist III
Military Student Specialist
Mitigation Specialist
Motor Carrier Inspector I
Motor Carrier Inspector II
Motor Pool Supervisor
Motorist Assist Technician
Multi-Craft Maintenance Tech
Multi-Term Lecturer
Multimedia Coordinator
MultiTermLecturer/Acad Prg Asc
Museum Collections Manager
Museum Director
Museum Education Manager
Museum Exhibits Director
Museum Exhibits Manager
Museum Outreach Coordinator
Museum Program Specialist
Museum Specialist
Music Programming Admin
Nat Gas Pipeline Sfty Insp I
Nat Gas Pipeline Sfty Insp II
Natural Resource Officer
Natural Resource Officer I
Natural Resource Officer II
Natural Resource Officer III
Natural Resource Officer Super
Network Admin & Data Cntr Mgr
Network Administrator
Network Architect
Network Control Supervisor
Network Control Technician I
Network Control Technician II
Network Control Technician III
Network Kansas Assistant
Network Kansas Director
Network Kansas Prgm Specialist
Network Kansas Referral Spec
Network Planning/Security Coor
Network Security Analyst
Network Service Engineer
Network Service Supervisor
Network Service Technician
Network Service Technician II
Network Service Technician III
Network Specialist
Network/Telecomm Technician
News Reporter
News Writer
NIAR Compliance/Contract Offcr
NIAR Director of Finance & Ops
NIAR Payroll Administrator
NIAR Research Analyst
NIAR Research Associate
NIAR Research Associate Senior
NIAR Research Director
NIAR Research Engineer
NIAR Research Engineer Senior
NIAR Research Manager
NIAR Research Scientist
NIAR Research Technician
Nurse Clinical/Admin NonExempt
Nurse Clinical/Administrator
Nurse Clinician/Administrator
Nurse Manager
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Assistant
Nursing Supervisor
Nutritionist Supervisor
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist II
Office Administrator
Office Assistant
Office Assistant II
Office Assistant III
Office Assistant IV
Office Manager
Office Secretary III
Office Specialist
Official Court Reporter
Online Lecturer
Online Training Coordinator
Operations Assistant
Operations Coordinator
Operations Manager
Operations Technician
Order Sales Representative
Page Supervisor
Painter Senior
Parking Officer
Parole Officer
Parole Officer I
Parole Officer II
Parole Supervisor
Patient Care Coordinator
Payroll Manager
Perform Arts Tech Coordinator
Personnel Officer
Personnel Specialist
Pharmacist in Charge
Pharmacy Compliance Inspector
Pharmacy Technician
Photographer Senior
Photography Senior
Physical Plant Supervisor
Physical Plant Supervisor Sen
Physical Plant Supervisor Spec
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physician Specialist
Piano Technician
Planning & Research Officer
Plant Maintenance Technician
Plumber Senior
Police Captain
Police Corporal
Police Instructor
Police Instructor Senior
Police Investigator
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Policy & Program Analyst
Policy Analyst
Policy Examiner I
Policy Examiner II
Policy Examiner Supervisor
Post Doctoral Fellow
Postal Clerk
Postdoctoral Researcher
Power Plant Operator
Power Plant Operator Senior
Pre Press Technician
Preschool Teacher
President/Chief Executive Off.
Prgrm Dir Brdning Prtcp/Engnrg
Prgrm Dir Educational Opp Cntr
Prgrm Dir Engnring Outrch/Rcrt
Prgrm Dir Engring Stdnt Engmnt
Prgrm Dir Envrnmtl Finance Ctr
Prgrm Dir Kansas Kids/GEAR UP
Prgrm Dir McNair Scholars
Prgrm Dir One-Stop Stdnt Svcs
Prgrm Dir Public Plcy/Mgmt Ctr
Prgrm Mgr Outreach EFC
Prgrm Mgr Prfsnl Dev CUS
Principal (school)
Principal Analyst
Principal Analyst Senior
Principal Auditor
Principal Budget Analyst
Principal Fiscal Analyst
Print Shop Manager
Printer Senior
Printer Specialist
Printing Press Operator
Printing Process Supervisor
Printing Service Coordinator
Prjct Mgr Pblic Hlth Inititves
Prjct Mgr Public Plcy/Mgmt Cnt
Prn Registered Nurse
Procurement Officer
Procurement Officer I
Procurement Officer II
Procurement Officer III
Procurement Officer IV
Procurement Specialist
Procurement Specialist Senior
Production Controller
Production Editor
Production Technician
Prof Environmental Engineer
Prof Geologist Supervisor
Prof of Practice/Acad Prog Asc
Professional Civil Eng I
Professional Civil Eng II
Professional Civil Engineer
Professional Environ Eng I
Professional Environ Eng II
Professional Environ Eng III
Professional Geologist
Professional Geologist Senior
Professor 10 Month
Professor 12 Month
Professor 9 Month
Professor of the Practice
Professor-Senior Curator
Professor-Senior Scientist
Prog Coord Outrch/Trning CUS
Prog Coord TRIO Middle School
Program Administrator
Program Analyst
Program Assistant
Program Associate
Program Consultant
Program Consultant I
Program Consultant II
Program Coord Aging Studies
Program Coord Divrsity/Inclsn
Program Coord Early Childhood
Program Coord GEAR UP
Program Coord KS Kids/GEAR UP
Program Coord NASA in Kansas
Program Coord/Assoc Professor
Program Coordinator
Program Counselor
Program Counselor I
Program Dir KS PTAC
Program Dir Veteran Stdnt Svcs
Program Director
Program Director GEAR UP
Program Director HAP
Program Director TRIO
Program Director Upward Bnd
Program Manager
Program Manager APRI
Program Planner/Analyst
Program Specialist
Program Specialist I
Program Specialist II
Program Specialist III
Programmer Analyst I
Programmer Analyst II
Programmer I
Programmer II
Project Analyst
Project Analyst Financial Ops
Project Coord Prevention Systm
Project Coordinator
Project Director
Project Manager
Project Manager Architect
Project Manager Business Opers
Project Manager Landscp Archt
Project Manager Mech Engr
Project Manager NonExempt
Project Team Lead
Property And Supply Technician
Property Appraiser
Property Appraiser I
Property Appraiser II
Property Appraiser III
Protection Specialist
Protection Supervisor
Protective Investigator
Provost/Vice President
Psychologist & Testing Coord
Psychologist II
Psychologist III
Psychology Intern
Psychometrician Assistant
Psychometrician Lead
Psychometrician Senior
Public Affairs Officer
Public Defender
Public Defender V
Public Health Educator
Public Health Nurse III
Public Information Director
Public Information Officer
Public Information Officer II
Public Performance Technician
Public Prog/Perform Tech
Public Relations Specialist
Public Safety Administrator
Public Safety Manager
Public Service Administrator
Public Service Administrator 1
Public Service Administrator 2
Public Service Administrator 3
Public Service Executive
Public Service Executive I
Public Service Executive II
Public Service Executive III
Public Service Executive IV
Publication Assistant I
Publications Assistant
Publications Editor
Publications Manager
Publications Writer I
Publications Writer II
Pump Mechanic
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Agent Senior
Purchasing Director
Purchasing Officer
Purchasing Officer Senior
Purchasing Specialist
Purchasing Warehouse Mgr
Qual Intellectual Disabil Prof
Qualif Intel Disabilities Prof
Quality Assurance Technician
Radio Program Coord
Radio Program Director
Radiologic Technologist I
Radiologic Technologist II
Radiology Technologist
Range Maintenance Specialist
Rare Books Librarian
Real Property Mgmt Specialist
Real Property Specialist GSU
Recording Engineer
Records Clerk II
Records Clerk III
Recreational/Facility Spclst
Recruit Development Specialist
Recycling Specialist
Refrig & AC Service Tech Sr
Refrig And A C Svc Tech
Regional Coord KS Kids/GEAR UP
Regional Director WSU KSBDC
Regional Manager
Regional Operations Manager
Registered Dietitian
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse Administrator
Registered Nurse Senior
Registered Nurse Specialist
Registered Nurse Supervisor
Registrar Program Specialist
Regulatory Acct/Economist
Rehabilitation Instructor
Repair Technician Senior
Report Examiner I
Reporter of Decisions
Representative Elect
Requirements Analyst
Research Aide
Research Analyst
Research Analyst I
Research Analyst II
Research Analyst III
Research Analyst IV
Research Analyst Supervisor
Research Architect
Research Assistant
Research Assistant Professor
Research Associate
Research Associate NonExempt
Research Associate Professor
Research Associate Senior
Research Compliance Coord
Research Compliance Manager
Research Compliance Officer
Research Contract Officer
Research Database Admin
Research Development Officer
Research Development Spec
Research Economist Senior
Research Engineer
Research Engineer Senior
Research Grant Admin Senior
Research Grant Administrator
Research Informatics Analyst
Research Informatics Developer
Research Instructor
Research Integrity Director
Research Lab Director
Research Lead Programmer
Research Nurse
Research Professor
Research Professor/Assoc Dir
Research Programs Director
Research Project Coordinator
Research Project Director
Research Project Manager
Research Project Specialist
Research QA Analyst
Research Scholar
Research Scientist
Research Technician
Research Technician Senior
Research Technologist
Residence Coordinator
Residence Hall Director
Residence Life Complex Manager
Residence Manager
Residential Life Asst Director
Resourc Protctn Shift Supr-LEO
Resource Planner
Resource Protection Mgr-LEO
Resource Protection Officer
Resource Protection Officr-LEO
Retention Coordinator
Revenue Customer Rep
Revenue Customer Rep Senior
Revenue Customer Rep Specialst
Revisor Emeritus
Revisor Of Statutes
Right of Way Property Appraiser
Right-of-way Property App I
Right-of-way Property App Sup
Risk Management Director
Safety & Health Inspector
Safety & Health Specialist
Safety & Security Officer
Safety & Security Officer - LT
Safety & Security Officer - Super
Safety & Security Officer I
Safety & Security Officer II
Safety And Health Specialist
Safety And Security Chief
Safety Specialist
SBDC Program Specialist
Scene Shop Manager
Scene Shop Mgr/Tech Dir
Scheduling Clerk
Scholarship Sponsored Proj Dir
Scientific Copy Editor
Seasonal Worker
Seasonal Worker Senior
Seasonal Worker, Unclassified
Secretary I
Secretary II
Secretary II/ Lobbyist Coord
Secretary III
Secretary Of Senate
Secretary Of Wildlife & Parks
Secretary To The Commissioner
Securities Commissioner
Security Analyst
Security Deputy
Security Officer
Security Officer-HSES
Security Supervisor
Security Systems Sr Technician
Senators Secretary
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Administratve Assistant
Senior Administratve Specialist
Senior Applications Developer
Senior Assistant Revisor
Senior Auditor
Senior Companion
Senior Coordinator
Senior Coordinator, Non-Exempt
Senior Curator
Senior Curator/Director
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Deputy
Senior Epidemiologist
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Fiscal Analyst
Senior Flight Instructor
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Instructor
Senior Judge
Senior Judge Chief
Senior Lecturer
Senior Maintenance Manager
Senior Managing Auditor
Senior Network Architect
Senior Recruitment Coordinator
Senior Research Analyst
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Economist
Senior Scientist
Senior Scientist/Associate Dir
Senior Scientist/Director
Senior Special Agent
Senior Specialist
Senior Specialist Non-Exempt
Senior Telecom Analyst
Senior Vice Provost/Professor
Senior VP/Assoc Professor
Senior/chief Engineer
Sergeant At Arms
Server Analyst
Service Assistant
Service Manager
Sheet Metal Worker Senior
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Shuttle Bus Driver
Sign Language Interpreter
Skill Trades Tech Construction
Skill Trades Tech Plant Oprtns
Skilled Trades Manager
Skilled Trades Supervisor
Small Business Consultant
Social Worker Specialist
Social Worker Supervisor
Social Worker-Academic
Software Developer
Software Development Engineer
Software Development Engnr Sr
Special Agent - KBI
Special Agent Attorney General
Special Agent in Charge
Special Agent in Charge - KBI
Special Assistant
Special Investigator
Special Investigator I
Special Investigator II
Specl Counsel to Chief Justice
Speech Language Pathologist
Sports Info Representative
SSC Director
SSC HR Coordinator
SSC HR Specialist
SSC Manager
Staff & Technology Support
Staff Assistant
Staff Attorney
Staff Development Specialist
Staff Development Specialist I
Staff Development Specialist II
Staff Writer
Standardized Client
State Auditor I
State Auditor II
State Auditor III
State Auditor IV
State Park Manager
State Park Manager Supv
State Training Coordinator
State Transportation Engineer
Statistical & Info Officer
Steamfitter Senior
Storekeeper Assistant
Storekeeper Specialist
Storeroom Supervisor
Strategic Partnerships Prg Dir
Stu Fiscal Services Asst Dir
Student Ambassador Advisor
Student Data Specialist
Student Fiscal Services Dir
Student Health Center Director
Student Hourly Intern
Student Involvement Officer
Student Loan Coordinator
Student Program Coordinator
Student Program Manager
Student Programs Coordinator
Student Recruiter
Student Recruiter Senior
Student Svcs Prgrm Specialist
Studio Manager
Supervisor - Chemistry Lab
Supervisor Accounts Payable
Supervisor Accounts Receivable
Supervisor Data Center
Supervisor Dormitory Teacher
Supervisor Mechanics Shop
Supervisor Structural Shop
Supervisor Student Records
Supervisor Warehouse
Supply Specialist
Supply Specialist III
Support Consultant
Supreme Court Justice
Supreme Crt Research Atty I
Supreme Crt Research Atty II
Surplus Property Agent
System Software Analyst I
System Software Analyst II
System Software Analyst III
System Software Progrm/Analyst
System Software Specialist
System Software Staff Consltnt
System Software Staff Consulta
Systems Administrator
Systems Administrator I
Systems Administrator II
Systems Analyst
Systems Analyst III
Systems Coordinator
Systems Programmer
Systems Specialist
Tax Analyst
Tax Examiner Manager
Tax Specialist
Teacher Aide
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant Professor
Teaching Associate
Teaching Associate Professor
Teaching Professor
Teaching Technician
Tech & Asset Control Specialst
Technical Assistance Officer
Technical Coordinator
Technical Director/Admin
Technology and Systems Manager
Technology Coordinator
Technology Specialist
Technology Support Analyst
Technology Support Consltnt II
Technology Support Consultant