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The KanView search feature may be performed on revenues, expenditures, or vendor payments. Search options include: Account Code, Agency, Function, and Fund.

Annual Revenues represents agency receipts and deposits into funds established within the state treasury, including: taxes, agency earnings, revenue from the use of money and property, gifts, donations, federal grants, and other revenues.

State revenue is classified at a primary, intermediate, and detail level account codes. These classifications facilitate the various levels of reporting detail required for budgetary, financial, management, or other reports.

Six primary receipt classifications are prescribed. The first five are for receipts that are classified as revenue to the agency and the sixth is for non-revenue receipts. Intermediate classifications are assigned within each primary classification. Within each intermediate classification are the detail classifications used to code accounting transactions.

The primary six agency receipt classifications are:

Taxes: Compulsory contributions imposed by the state for the purpose of financing services for the common public benefit.

Agency Earnings: Amounts collected for merchandise sold, for services performed, for granting the privilege of engaging in a business or occupation, or for purposes of regulation.

Revenue from the Use of Money and Property:  Amounts received as compensation for the use of state owned money and property.

Gifts, Donations, and Federal Grants:  Gifts, donations, grants, and contributions received from private and public sources to aid in the support of a specific function of government or other governmental activity.

Other Revenue:  Revenue receipts not classified elsewhere.

Non-Revenue Receipts: : All sources of receipts that do not constitute revenue.

* Revenue Transfers - Agency use of transfer account codes is generally only on interfund transactions between state agencies. Transfers move cash from one fund to another fund within the State Treasury.

Revenues, Expenditures, Vendor Payments, and Employee Compensation data may be downloaded from the Kanview Data Download Center.

* Fiscal years are from July 1st through June 30th. KanView data is reported on an accounting basis rather than a budgetary basis as explained in Variance to the State Budget. The totals from the state’s accounting system include transactions such as “non-expense items” that are not recorded as part of the state’s budget.

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